Nigerian lady tells ex-boyfriend she's pregnant after breakup; his heartbreaking response shocks many

A Nigerian lady shared the heart-breaking response of her ex-boyfriend after she told him she was pregnant shortly after they broke up.

The revelation came in a post she made on a popular social media platform.

Nigerian lady tells ex-boyfriend she's pregnant after breakup; his heartbreaking response shocks many

In the video, the lady showed her face alongside a caption which read: 'After we broke up, I realized I was pregnant so I decided to text him.'

She explained that she hadn't known she was pregnant at the time of their breakup, but after their relationship ended, she texted him to inform him of her pregnancy upon discovering it.

In response, her ex-boyfriend lashed out at her, hurling insults and questioning if she was accusing him.

She showed him the pregnancy test kit to prove her pregnancy, but he continued to deny responsibility and threatened to curse her.

Their conversation has attracted the attention of many social media users who have flooded the comment section of the post to share their thoughts.

See some reactions below:

ojimidebbie: "see most times it not from the guy,she might be doing some shady things that he got to find out ot might be why they broke up, and why he won't accept."

slim ayofunmi: "the Same happened to me but with all the stressed and thinking I got a miscarriage I was so in pain like 😭😭😭😭😭😭."

mide 08: "where is the child now don't worry every thing will be okay focus on that child he will surely come back.'

badmuszainab315: "i swear am so emotional water drop from my eyes why all dis ola na oloriburuku and my bf na olamide like dis abeg make una help me with advise."

FauZiyat: "Like wait I'm confused ooo why is it that nah only Ola Dey do werey Omoh make God just help us."

BÃÏBYYYY LØSÊYIIII 💕🤭🥂❤️: "u get mind go date Ola 😪 Make i heal Finish i go tell u wetin my Eyes see."

TUTU😁❤️: "Omo🤦‍♀️E no go better for am if he no take care of the child Fr,he go suffer Fr."

user7568361035530: "most of the men are were,they will be telling you I love you not until you tell them you are pregnant na then you go see their true colours."

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