13-year-old girl gives birth on school trip, newborn in ICU

She gave birth to a boy in one of the complex's toilets [Onet]

The 13-year-old girl gave birth on a school trip in Poland.

The spokeswoman of the Children's Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim, where a child born to a 13-year-old girl from Sochaczew (Masovian Voivodeship) on a school trip is currently staying, revealed the latest information on the newborn's health condition.

As she said in an interview with "Fakt", the boy is still in the ICU. He is to remain there until he recovers.

The child was born on May 15 in Zator (Lesser Poland Voivodeship). His mother, a 13-year-old girl, went there on a trip organised by one of the primary schools in Sochaczew. The delivery took place in the evening when the students were already accommodated at the centre.

She gave birth to a boy in one of the complex's toilets. Immediate medical attention was necessary. The newborn, who weighed 3.2 kg, was taken to the University Children's Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim. His condition was initially assessed by doctors as serious.

New information about the child's condition

The boy was admitted to the ICU. After some time, the doctors were able to stabilise the child's condition.

The spokeswoman for the Children's Hospital in Kraków-Prokocim, Katarzyna Pokorna-Hryniszyn, has shared the latest information about the newborn.

"The child is in better condition, but due to his age, he is still in the ICU, which is also a neonatal ward. The child will stay here for now, until he recovers or someone picks him up," Pokorna-Hryniszyn said in an interview.

The father is her neighbour

Everything indicates that none of the school guardians were aware of the fact that the 13-year-old was in an advanced stage of pregnancy. The Commune Office in Sochaczew initiated explanatory procedures at the school the girl attends.

The child's 15-year-old father lives in a staircase next door, in the same housing estate as the 13-year-old girl. He had been dating the girl for a long time, often staying at her house. Neighbours say his mother treated him like an adult, giving him a lot of freedom.


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