Groom's nonchalant reaction to his bride crying cause buzz online

Groom's nonchalant reaction to his bride crying cause buzz online

A groom leaves many netizens concerned after ignoring his crying bride during the process of their wedding ceremony.

The video of the couple was shared on the microblogging platform, X, by user, @sugabelly, who promised to cancel the wedding if he was her son and was showing such attitude to his wife.

In what looks like an emotional breakdown, perhaps from the thought of leaving her family, the bride could not hold back her tears.

The groom who saw her crying remained unbothered, chewing gum and looking straight ahead despite standing directly beside her.

Her family and friends had to console her, cheering her up and wiping her tears.

Here are some reactions to the video

@fetch_goodvibes stated: "Love looks different in every culture. Not everyone subscribes to western ideals of intimacy and romance. He is probably very hurt and wants to hold her but due to protocol or masculine ideals of their culture, he needs to appear stoic."

@harrypearl7 wrote: "Marriage isn't marriage without Love, & Empathy is part of love. This guy needs training & if he is not ready to learn, he shouldn't be getting married. If you can't treat your wife like you would treat your sister and mother, in relation to love, you are not ready for marriage"

@Taofeeqoh__ noted: "Looks like a loveless marriage"

@FancyClassyBee asked: "How can a person ignore their spouse to this extent? Only God knows what she will experience in the marriage!"

@prudence_20 opined: "Most of these marriages especially in the north are fixed/arranged, hence the lack of emotions on the part of the guy."

Watch the video below


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