Nigerian man stabs roommate to death in Portugal

Nigerian man roommate to de.ath in Portugal

A Nigerian man, 24, whose identity is yet to be ascertained has reportedly sta.bbed his roommate, 22, who is equally a Nigerian to de.ath in Portugal

The sad incident occurred Friday night, April 19, 2024, after an argument.

It was gathered that both the deceased and the suspected k!ller were residents of a local accommodation space on Rua do Bonfim, Porto.

According to JN, the two Nigerians had an argument that ended in a violent attack, with the older man hitting his partner several times with a sharp object. The incident occurred around 11 pm.

After spending several hours with the body in the room, the alleged k!ller tried to leave the place but ended up being arrested by the PSP.

The Judiciary Police were called to the scene and are investigating the incident.


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