What you should know about electricity service bands

What you should know about electricity service bands,

Have you ever wondered why your residential area or workplace experiences the most power outage per day? You're not alone. While some customers enjoy almost 24-hour per day, many others are on different electricity service bands.

This article explains a system that classifies electricity consumers based on the assured minimum daily electricity provision. Essentially, it outlines the expected hours of power supply per day corresponding to each service band. Let's discuss a breakdown of the bands:

Band A

Customers on this band enjoy the most dependable electricity supply, with a minimum assurance of 20 hours per day. Consequently, power interruptions are likely minimal.

Band B

This band offers a slightly reduced assurance of 16 hours of electricity daily. While power disruptions may occur, they are anticipated to be less frequent compared to lower bands.

Band C

In this band, the minimum assured supply decreases to 12 hours per day, increasing the likelihood of outages.

Band D

Consumers in band D are assured a minimum of 8 hours of electricity daily. Expect more frequent and potentially longer power interruptions compared to higher bands.

Band E

This band boasts the lowest guaranteed service, with a mere 4 hours of electricity per day. Outages are anticipated to be prevalent.

However, it's crucial to acknowledge that these are minimum assurances. Depending on circumstances, outages exceeding the stipulated minimum for your band may occur.

Here are some additional considerations


The electricity tariff may fluctuate based on the service band. Typically, bands with greater assured service (more hours of electricity) pay a higher cost per kilowatt-hour. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) recently gave approval for an increase in electricity tariffs for customers classified under Band A.


The availability of electricity service bands can vary by location. Certain areas may not provide all bands.

Electricity Provider

Reach out to your electricity provider for specific information regarding the service bands accessible in your vicinity and their associated expenses.


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