"She didn't like when I helped anybody financially" - Man shares why he ended a relationship

'She didn't like when I helped anybody financially

Nigerian man ends his relationship with his girlfriend who did not approve of him helping others financially, tagging it a waste.

He responded to a prompt by another user, @HinduMustafa, who asked netizens what killed their feelings for somebody they were madly in love with.

The young man responded on his account, @uncle_retired, divulging the details of his unsavory relationship.

'She didn't like when I helped anybody financially

He explained that whenever he assisted anybody, his girlfriend hated it and would prefer that he gives her the money instead.

According to him, no matter the situation of whoever he rendered help to, she would call it a waste, listing out other unneeded things he could have done with the money.

His tweet reads;

"As long as I'm not giving her the money, I shouldn't give anyone else. She would always point out something unnecessary that she could do with that money I just wasted as she termed it. For instance, I could give a family 20k to buy food and she will say "you just wasted that money on people that may be lying to you. The money I could have used for a spa day"
You guessed it, she was a "Zainab" too. WITCH"

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'She didn't like when I helped anybody financially


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