You've been charging your phone the wrong way your whole life - here's how to do it

The shelf life of a phone's battery is influenced, among other things, by the way we charge it.

There's a trick to how you should charge your phone [Shutterstock/justkgoomm]

The shelf life of a phone's battery is influenced, among other things, by the way we charge it.

Phone batteries need to be charged more and more often. Unfortunately, many people do it wrong, so we tell you how to optimise this process.

For a long time now, the telephone has not only been a device used for calling. Every day we use a number of mobile applications that make it easier for us to communicate and handle current matters.

Since we spend a lot of time with our phone in our hands every day, its battery runs out quickly. Interestingly, this is influenced not only by the frequency of using the mobile phone, but also by the way we charge it.

Very often, we wait until the phone is discharged to the last percent battery. This is a bug that shortens battery life. That's why experts recommend not waiting until your smartphone is completely discharged.This doesn't mean, however, that it's a good idea to charge your phone overnight. This is another, unfortunately, common mistake. The battery should not be charged to 100%, and being connected to the power supply for several hours also adversely affects the battery life.

How to charge your phone correctly?

If we want our phone battery to last for several years, we should take care of it. How to charge your cell phone correctly? Don't discharge it to zero and don't charge it to 100%. It's best to disconnect the charger from the power supply when the battery level reaches 90%.It is worth using only a charger intended for a given phone model.

Moreover, we recommend not to use the phone while it is charging. This will reduce the load on the processor.


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