Ramadan: How to look after your skin while fasting


In accordance to the rules guiding Ramadan, there is a seemingly expectation that will impact on the body and skin.

Ramadan is a month of physical sacrifice and spiritual repentance, where devoted Muslims refrain from eating and drinking between sunrise and sunset.

This act symbolises dedication, reflection and discipline.

However, not having enough water, disturbed sleep and a poor diet can drastically take a toll on the skin.

To note such, below are three key things to note while fasting.

1. Hydrate: During fasting, your skin can easily lose moisture and lack hydration, so it is advisable for people to use more hydrating products.

Praying five times a day and washing your face after your prayer can be really drying for some people.

Therefore, it is important that you moisturise after you wash your face, as it is really important, otherwise it can irritate the skin barrier.

2. Maintain a balanced diet: According to Dr Shah, some people are going to say their skin gets worse during Ramadan because you are changing your diet significantly, and that means what you're doing when you break your fast.

Heavy eating at sunset and before sunrise and missing out on nutritious food groups due to the limited time eating, may have a negative impact on your skin.

It is encouraged for people to break their fast with food they enjoy, but believes moderation is key.

Note that fried foods have no relationship with acne but eating anything in excess can affect the skin.

3. Keep it simple: During Ramadan, diet and sleep patterns significantly change, so many might modify or update their everyday skincare routine.

But your normal products can be used while fasting.


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