4 plants that treat malaria quickly and effectively

Herbs that treat malaria [Shuttershock]

Resistance of the malaria parasite to drugs, mosquitoes to insecticides and the lack of access to the newly developed malaria vaccine has made the use of herbs paramount.

Herbs (or agbo) are often the best treatment for malaria.

Africa is plagued by malaria. Six African countries, including Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, and Niger accounted for half of all malaria deaths worldwide in 2019. Nigeria has the highest malaria burden globally, accounting for nearly 27% in 2022. That's why herbs are important.

Plants or herbs that treat malaria

These herbs are:

1. Mango leaves

4 plants that treat malaria quickly and effectively

Many scientific studies have shown that mango leaves can cure the malaria parasite. For example. Boiling these leaves, drinking their hot water, or using them as spices for food has proven to be effective.

In a study published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, the mango extract was effective at killing the parasites, especially at higher doses.

2. Dogonyaro or Neem leaves (Azadirachta indica)

4 plants that treat malaria quickly and effectively

These dogonyaro or neem leaves are also an effective treatment for malaria. Traditionally, neem leaves have been used as a malaria treatment in tropical regions. Studies have found that extracts from neem leaves, seeds, and bark can kill the parasite responsible for malaria (Plasmodium falciparum) in lab tests.

3. African peach (Nauclea latifolia)

4 plants that treat malaria quickly and effectively

This herb's roots, bark, and stem effectively treat malaria. Whether taken as tea, boiled for a long time, or used in meals, African peach is an effective treatment for malaria, and it has even been scientifically proven by research done at the National Library of Science.

4. Oruwo tree or brimstone tree (Morinda lucida)

4 plants that treat malaria quickly and effectively

The oruwo tree, Morinda lucida (brimstone tree), is a potential medicinal powerhouse! This tree contains various compounds, including anthraquinones (red pigments), anthraquinols (yellow pigments), tannins, and more. Extracts from this Morinda Lucida have shown promise in fighting inflammation, pain, bacteria, malaria, liver damage, worms, fever, blood clots, and free radicals. It might even protect your heart.

How fast do these plants work?

A study by Stephanie Alaribe, a lecturer at the University of Lagos, showed that a herbal concoction of all of these plants reduced parasite load from 24 hours post-administration to the end of treatment, lasting four to seven days.

However, when it comes to traditional medicine, the issue of the right dosage remains a problem.


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