9 Conversations Happy Couples Have

9 Conversations Happy Couples Have - Fab.ng

Do you and your partner engage in casual chit-chat about the weather or work-related details, or do you take the time to have meaningful conversations?

According to a study, people tend to be happier when they spend more time discussing profound topics rather than indulging in small talk.

While the researchers haven't determined whether deep conversations lead to happiness or vice versa, it is clear that meaningful conversations are crucial in relationships.

One of the benefits of being in a committed relationship is the opportunity to discuss topics you might have avoided during the early stages of dating. So, grab a drink, get cosy on the sofa, and have a heartfelt conversation. Below are some subjects that super happy couples often discuss:

1. Embarrassing moments

If you haven't shared the awkward moments from your high school experience with your partner, consider opening up about them. Don't hesitate to bring up the topic if you haven't already. You might be surprised to find that your partner's stories are even more embarrassing and amusing than your own.

2. Political viewpoints

When it comes to the upcoming election or the new law that recently passed, both of you need to express your opinions. Agreement isn't a necessity, but it can certainly facilitate healthy discussion.

A strong relationship allows both individuals to share their beliefs without taking opposing viewpoints as personal attacks.

3. Past relationships

9 Conversations Happy Couples Have - Fab.ng

Discussing past relationships can be a delicate subject, as no one wants to hear their beloved partner romantically talking about their exes. However, there is a distinction between dwelling on the past or holding bitterness and simply acknowledging what occurred.

In mature and contented relationships, couples learn how to address why previous relationships ended without unintentionally comparing their current partner to an old flame.

4. Your Childhood

Engage your partner in a conversation about their childhood. Ask questions like: Did they have an easy time making friends? What games did they enjoy playing? Did they face any challenges in school?

These discussions not only make for enjoyable conversations but also provide valuable insights into how your partner's past shaped who they are today.

5. Fears and insecurities

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When we talk about fears, we're not referring to your phobias, like the fear of earthworms. We're talking about the things that keep you up at night, the concerns that cause stress.

What are the worries that weigh on your mind? What aspects of yourself do you want to work on and improve? Are there any past experiences or secrets that you've kept hidden?

Being vulnerable may open you up to judgment, but it also increases the likelihood of truly being understood by your partner.

6. Family ties

Understanding your partner's background and their relationship with their parents or siblings is crucial for comprehending their present views on family. If you're thinking about a future together, inquire about their family dynamics.

Ask questions like: How well do they get along with their family? What's the reason behind any conflicts, such as resentment towards their mother? Are they closer to certain siblings than others, and why? How comfortable are they with family gatherings?

It would help you gain insight into your partner's life.

7. TV and movies

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While entertainment may appear less serious compared to politics and personal fears, Discussions about movies can be classified as "deep". This is because people often delve into character motivations and plot details rather than just discussing attractive Nollywood, Bollywood, Gollywood, or Hollywood actors.

8. Current events

In this era of information overload, keeping up with everything happening can be quite challenging. That's where teamwork becomes important.

Talk to your partner about their interests, whether it is economics or regional politics, and try to learn from each other. You might even spark their interest in new subjects like international affairs or science news.

9. The future

Is there anything more thought-provoking or motivating than contemplating the future? This is not suggesting you should pressure your partner into discussing their marriage and family plans, but it is essential to understand their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

What are they striving for? What motivates their success? Where do they envision themselves in five years? Someone who seeks personal growth and embraces the unknown is undoubtedly dynamic and worth knowing.

"Great minds talk about ideas; small minds talk about people." So, up your relationship happiness by talking about the deep stuff with your significant other.


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