La Liga ready to act

La Liga ready to act

The Spanish La Liga body would not be sitting out the controversial tussle between Jude Bellingham and Mason Greenwood after Getafe filed a complaint against the Real Madrid midfielder over his on-pitch row with their player.

Hence, La Liga has initiated an investigation into an alleged comment credited against Jude Bellingham towards Mason Greenwood during their recent match.

The league has confirmed that Getafe has formally lodged a complaint, and a lip-reading expert will be employed to scrutinize the incident for conclusive evidence.

The controversy unfolded after Bellingham, the England international, tackled Greenwood in Real Madrid's 2-0 victory, with a clip of the incident quickly going viral on social media. The target of Bellingham's alleged comment remains unclear.

In an official statement released on Friday, La Liga stated,

"Yesterday, Getafe filed a formal complaint with the La Liga match director who, as per standard procedure in such cases, has requested an expert lip-reading report to investigate the matter and act based on hard evidence."

Mason Greenwood, 22, joined Getafe on a season-long loan from Manchester United on September 1.


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