Video of 24-year-old Oyinbo lady who abandoned luxurious life abroad to live with poor African man stuns many

A 24-year-old Oyinbo lady named Leni has captured the attention of many for abandoning her life in Germany to live in the slums of Kenya with 23-year-old Kenyan man, Vinn, whom she fell in love with.

According to the Oyinbo lady, she embarked on a journey to Kenya as part of an internship program, initially stayed in the Korokocho slum.

However, it seems destiny had other plans for her, leading her to the neighboring slum of Kibera, where she now resides with her newfound love.

The love story started during Leni's first weekend in Kenya, at a local dance performance in Korokocho.

Video of 24-year-old Oyinbo lady who abandoned luxurious life abroad to live with poor African man stuns many

Vinn, a talented dancer, caught Leni's eye while performing on stage. Leni's energy and enthusiasm captivated Vinn, prompting him to approach her after the show.

After a brief exchange, Leni and Vinn exchanged Instagram handles, marking the beginning of their relationship.

Vinn, reflecting on the challenges they faced, admitted that introducing Leni to his poor living conditions in a tiny room serving as a kitchen, bedroom, and living room without basic amenities was initially daunting for him.

However, Vinn expressed his surprise at Leni's willingness to live with him despite his poor living conditions.

"Chase love not material things, it is the most important thing in the world," Leni said.

Netizen Reactions...

@QueenofAfrica1217 said; "He's handsome with a pure heart. She has a pure heart as well. God bless both of them. Love is lovely. One love from."

@StarDaughterOfZionDube said; "Love overcomes everything, the Dad blessing them was so touching."

@Khadijaaa said; "This kain love."

@Mystika777 reacted; "They're adorable together, as long as they're happy that's all that matters. We need more love in this world."

@mixedtraveler3585 said; "We love our brother from Kenya. We love this couple from South Africa."

@blaqLion reacted; "As a proud black young man raised in Wisconsin, Milwaukee. I felt very sad to see my own Africans living in this way. The government is not fair to them. This is heart breaking."

@donnagray3733 reacted; "True love has no boundaries. Her mother did a great job she humble."

@ianmule1619 reacted; "Lenni's bold move to forego all privileges she could have and decide to live in the slums with her love of life its commendable and an astounding act. The couple is an epitome of true love."

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