"I confronted him" - Ajoke, alleged daughter of TB Joshua opens up to BBC about father

'I confronted him

Ajoke, a woman purported to be the late prophet TB Joshua's daughter, was one of the speakers in a viral BBC documentary.

Ajoke, who is now 28 years old, claimed in the investigative documentary that she had a really bad experience at the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

The late prophet Ajoke was born out of wedlock, according to the BBC documentary.

The documentary used the stories of former employees to support its allegations that the late prophet engaged in several inappropriate activities.

'I confronted him

Ajoke claimed that she addressed her father after observing how he was mistreating others. Later, she would experience loneliness as a result of being shunned. She claimed to have observed her father's fear that, occasionally, the things he was doing could be exposed to the public.


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