"Camp love is so sweet" - Lady says as she meets her Mr Right after two weeks at NYSC camp

'Camp love is so sweet

A lady has fallen head over heels in love as she meets intentional Mr Right in camp during her NYSC service.

She shared this on her Twitter account, @OreoTheCookie, contrite, after antagonizing people who have managed to fall in love during the 3 week long service.

According to her, the young man had made her week, buying her coffee every morning and purchasing dinner for her in the night.

'Camp love is so sweet

Reciprocating his love, she has also stayed awake every morning to listen to him read his news.

In her words;

"Camp love is real asf. Used to banter people doing love love meanwhile this boy has made most of my days this week🤡. I left my SAED today to join his own so we could be together 😭💀💀

He buys me coffee in the mornings (because it's always cold), buys me dinner every night and we spend social nights together. I even stayed awake during morning parade so I could hear him read the news 😭😭"

Many Netizens have encouraged this budding romance and wished them only the best.

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'Camp love is so sweet

Some reactions to the post

@OloriOfOloris said: "I believe in this ship please! This is how people meet their God ordained partners ❤️"

@v_temi wrote: "Ore focus on the father land you went to serve"

@tinny_montaj said: "It's giving love in O2 arena 😂😂😂"

@kammali_ asked: "when is the wedding?"

@thegermanedude wrote: "No matter what you are feeling now though irrespective of what people say. The best time to find love is in school and the next best time is during your NYSC. not necessarily nysc camp buh a fellow corps member. That relationship go last. Quote me anywhere."


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