Indian community in Nigeria throws lavish detty December party

Indian community in Nigeria throws lavish detty December party

An Indian community in Nigeria leaves many wowed as they throw a lavish detty December party in celebration of the year's round up.

A video making the rounds on social media captured several Indians who reside in Lagos, Nigeria elaborately having an end-of-the-year party.

Indian community in Nigeria throws lavish detty December party

Over a hundred Indians could be seen in the video partying and having the best time while a performer sang in Hindu to entertain the crowd.

Many are said to reside and operate their businesses around Ilupeju and Ikoyi axis of the state all around the year.

The community has since generated a wave of reactions amongst Nigerians who were unaware of their numbers in the country.

Netizens' reactions to Indian detty December party in Nigeria
lauraseyi said: "I did an ushering job for an Indian party. Omo they are so many in Nigeria ooo. They were unbelievable so so nice and their skin was glowing."

boujee.aesthetics_ng wrote: "Nigerians are very accommodating sha."

sokiking2 said: "Interesting... however when they see black folks in their countries,( asian countries) they act like we have no business being there. Africa is the only continent that gives more importance to foreigners than their own. If you see and hear how black people are treated in India will feel sorry for our race..but no...after insulting us...they carry their cargo because of over saturation in their countries and come to live live in Africa."

l.tobiloba stated: "They always have fun more in exile than their home country. 😂😂."

tracyokito opined: "See them enjoying life, living first class citizen lifestyle but Nigerians in their country face racism everyday." noted: "So the movies were true. They all know the lyrics and choreography."

ste_cecil noted: "U haven't been to illupeju if this surprises u."

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