"How I taught my stingy roommate a lesson" - Man stuns many with his strategy

'How I taught my stingy roommate a lesson' - Man stuns many with his strategy

A Nigerian man has caused a serious buzz online after sharing a video of how he dealt with his stingy roommate, who consistently avoids contributing to the gas refill expenses.

The young man, whose identity remains undisclosed, can be seen in the video proudly displaying his gas cylinder equipped with a unique locking feature.

"Wahala for roommate wey no dey gree bring money make we refill gas," the young man said in the video.

'How I taught my stingy roommate a lesson' - Man stuns many with his strategy

In the video, shared by the user @kcman18, the enterprising individual not only showcases the locking mechanism but also emphasizes the need for his roommate to contribute financially to the gas expenses.

He goes on to make a lighthearted request for a key to padlock the cylinder. The video has since sparked a wave of reactions and comments from netizens.

Netizens Reactions...

@kennedyokeke560 said; "Is good because some people are very wicked they will have the money and refused to bring it."

@O ax said; "Dear God I no wan broke reach this extent oo."

@CȺTMȺNN said; "You don't have to lock gas before you win."

@A.D said; ''Lol. "My roommate dey collect allowance weekly but e no dey see food chop. "Anytime I say lets contribute to cook, na so so story. "I lock up sharply."

@sweetjuliet said; "Living with some people sha ,wen its comes to contributions for den wellbeing of dey house,den go dey form sense."

@humble noni said; "Nothing them go tell me na Igbo man be this." TikTok Trends said: "The hand that doesn't work would surely not eat."

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