"What he ordered is no longer what he got" - Lady reveals why men go for a second wife

'What he ordered is no longer what he got' - Lady reveals why men go for a second wife

A Nigerian lady educates others on why men consider the option of taking a second wife and why it is the best step to take in a marriage.

A Facebook user identified as Florence Chinyere Ogolo took to the comment section of a post regarding a man making moves to marry a second wife right after his wife's delivery.

According to the lady, women are often the factors behind a man's decision to take a new wife, while referencing dwindling peace in the household.

She further added that some factions of men prefer polygamy without a reason while insisting that women losing physical form also plays a role in this decision.

"Am not married yet But second wife are the best. For your husband to sought for a second wife that means u are a pain on his neck. Either feeling that u have arrived after giving him a son, or you no longer respect or give him peace. Something is really wrong about Or wat he ordered is no longer wat he got. And above all, there are men who love two wives so We cant erase that," she wrote.

'What he ordered is no longer what he got' - Lady reveals why men go for a second wife

Reactions trailing why men consider taking a second wife

karameltoppings said: "Exactly. So wives should be allowed second husbands too when their first husbands behave like this."

teeto__olayeni opined: "I laugh as someone form a polygamous home 😂😂😂😂. My dear you will see what your mouth cannot say. All of these you have mentioned might be what the man told you and boom when you enter you go see shege,shege banza and also make your children fight battles they know nothing about. POLYGAMOUS HOUSE IS WAR UNLIMITED."

biola_cokerlee noted: "Alot of people have been broken by disoriented families and backgrounds."

mollijudy wrote: "And third wife nko? Fourth wife nko? 😂😂 Dey play even with all the four wives, side chics go still follow una join body. Dey play. 😂😂😂."


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