"From ex-boyfriend to fiancé" - Lady who went back to ex gets surprising marriage proposal

'From ex-boyfriend to fiancé' - Lady who went back to ex gets surprising marriage proposal

A young lady could not hide her joy as her ex-boyfriend whom she reunited with proposed to her in grand style.

The lady identified as @qwinleemah1 shared a heartwarming video capturing her boyfriend's romantic marriage proposal.

The video showcased the special moment, accompanied by a caption that reads, "POV: you finally decide to give that one ex a second chance."

The caption revealed that she rekindled a relationship with an ex and the ex is now her fiancé.

The TikTok video has sparked a wave of reactions among netizens, with many interpreting the caption as a sign to consider giving their exes a second chance.

Some individuals have expressed excitement and hope, believing that the video serves as a positive sign to reevaluate past relationships.

@Kiki_luxury hair said: "My ex na oloriburuku somebody."

@Thick candy commented: "I just asked him back today hope it works out o."

@Amaka commented: "Am a fool yes I have gone back to my ex I have gone back."

@Favys catering and decor said: "Una nor da quick drop update."

@Zintle Tsipa reacted: "Glad to see one of these bids with a happy ending."

@mimmys commented: "Awwn."

See the video below:


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