Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure 2023

Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure 2023

Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure 2023: All You Need to Know

In Nigeria, the pursuit of lucrative job opportunities has often been associated with securing positions in the public sector. This trend, prevalent among university graduates and job seekers, is rooted in the belief that government jobs offer attractive remuneration. However, many Nigerians face challenges in navigating the complexities of securing public sector employment. To provide clarity on this matter, we delve into the salary structure of the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) in 2023, addressing common questions and misconceptions.

Understanding the Federal Civil Service Commission

The Federal Civil Service Commission, a vital government agency, plays a significant role in recruiting civil servants and upholding discipline within the public service. One might wonder how much these civil servants are compensated. To begin, it's crucial to note that the minimum wage in Nigeria was raised to ₦30,000 in April 2019, positively impacting many workers across the nation.

Let's explore the FCSC's salary structure, which encompasses various positions and grades, providing insights into the earnings of federal civil servants.

FCSC Salary Structure & Allowances in 2023

  1. Minimum Wage Earners At the base of the FCSC pay scale, we find Grade Level 01 staff, who receive a monthly minimum wage of ₦30,000, amounting to an annual salary of ₦360,000. It's important to emphasize that these staff members play essential roles within the commission.

  2. School Leavers For those entering the FCSC as school leavers, they are typically assigned to Grade Level 04. This position comes with an annual salary of ₦242,994, equivalent to approximately ₦20,250 per month. It's a reasonable starting point for individuals at the outset of their careers.

  3. Officers With a bit of experience and service time, staff members can progress to the role of an Officer at Grade Level 06 Step 01. At this rank, officers earn an annual salary of ₦316,229. As they progress through the steps of Grade Level 06, reaching Step 15, their annual salary increases to ₦487,295.

  4. Diploma Certificate Holders Diploma certificate holders are typically placed at Grade Level 07 Step 01, receiving a monthly salary of ₦43,163. This sums up to an annual salary of ₦517,965.

  5. Officers' Counterparts Those at Grade Level 09 Step 1 earn ₦780,656 annually and will surpass ₦1,000,000 after completing Step 15, which represents a considerable income difference when compared to officers at lower grades.

  6. Graduates Graduates placed at Level 08 Step 15 earn a monthly salary of ₦81,000 while working for the Federal Civil Service Commission. This equates to an annual salary ranging from ₦978,663 to ₦1,000,000.

  7. Director of the Federal Civil Service The director occupies the highest position in the FCSC, with an annual salary exceeding ₦5 million, reflecting a monthly income of approximately ₦454,000. This role undoubtedly boasts the highest pay within the commission.


It is crucial to understand that career progression in the civil service requires candidates to pass promotional exams, amass a significant amount of service time, and demonstrate a high level of academic proficiency. The increase in the minimum wage by the Federal Civil Service Commission in 2019 signifies a positive step towards enhancing efficiency, increasing productivity, and promoting the well-being of Nigerian civil servants. If you have any questions or suggestions, we welcome your input.


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