Five ways to know your boyfriend is tired of you

The same way Rome did not fall in a day is probably how your boyfriend did not decide to serve you breakfast at that moment.

No words accurately describe the feeling of waking up one day to an announcement from your significant other (AKA your boyfriend) that the relationship is over.

Chances are you will spend the first few days secretly wishing it was a dream or prank, wondering how someone who promised you forever left you out to dry. You may even have sleepless nights trying to figure out what went wrong.

The same way Rome did not fall in a day is probably how your boyfriend did not decide to serve you breakfast at that moment. His decision is often a result of the several signs he has been showing-signs that he is tired of you. Identifying these signs is quite complicated, so we have curated a list that would give you a headstart in either mending your relationship or being the first person to serve a better breakfast.

Less Attention

Within two minutes, quickly compare the level of attention your boyfriend gave you before you started dating and now. If you observe that concentration has reduced, you better shine your eyes.

You are not a top priority when your boyfriend slowly becomes disinterested in your activities and well-being. This is a waving red flag since you both claim to love each other, and love entails putting the other party first.

Gets easily offended

A brief way to explain this point would be annoyance. While it's normal for everyone to get angry over issues, it becomes suspicious if your boyfriend gets irritated by the slightest mishap. For example, if you accidentally forget to close the toilet seat, he sees it and begins to insult you. This act can be an outlet for him to vent his frustration about being disinterested in you.

Becomes Secretive

Avoid being one of those ladies who say, I respect my boyfriend's boundaries, so I will not pry into his life. From the day he asked you to be his better half, you both have demolished the wall of secrecy. In other words, you should stay updated on events in each others' lives. At any point, should he start to go inside another room to pick a call or lie about the place he is going to? Sorry to burst your bubble, but another woman is waiting to take your place.

Reduced communication

Why would you go from talking for several hours to barely talking for two minutes and think it's normal? A guy who is into you makes you the centre of his world; no matter how busy he claims to be, he will always answer your calls and reply to your texts. On the other hand, a guy who is tired of you gives flimsy excuses like his dog turned into a witch and swallowed his phone, hence why he did not pick up your calls.

No show of affection

The biggest of all flags. Aside from PDA, if your boyfriend doesn't like you hugging, kissing, or holding his hands, he might be emotionally distancing himself from you. It alludes to the probable fact that he finds your presence uncomfortable or does not consider you worthy of such intimate acts.


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