"Sam Larry is innocent, and I bet you he will walk freely out of the Police station"- Verydarkman claims

Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 12-14-56 'Sam Larry is innocent and I bet you he will walk freely out of the Police station

Controversial TikToker and social media activist Verydarkman recently addressed the situation involving Sam Larry being in police custody, suggesting that if those seeking justice for Mohbad continue to rely solely on emotions, Sam Larry may walk free.

Verydarkman discussed why the police arrested Sam Larry and issued a press statement indicating that Sam Larry would assist them in their ongoing investigation. He pointed out that the reason for such a press statement is the absence of concrete evidence against Sam Larry thus far.

He stressed the importance of setting aside emotions and urged the need for eyewitnesses to come forward and testify against Sam Larry. Without credible witnesses and evidence, he cautioned that Sam Larry might indeed be released without facing legal consequences.

He captions his video with, "Samlarry is in police custody, but I bet you, he will walk freely If we keep using our emotions to act, na now una understand say case nor be by shouting only or public display".


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