"But you saw Selena's DM" - Didi Ekanem drags Rema over tribute to Mohbad

'But you saw Selena's DM

Didi Ekanem, a Nollywood actress, criticised Rema for paying respect to his deceased younger colleague Mohbad.

After sharing a screenshot of the message he received from the deceased musician, Rema reportedly faced abuse.

Didi Ekanem drags Rema over his tribute to Mohbad

Rema, who is mourning Mohbad, acknowledged that he disregarded the late singer's post on his Instagram profile from 2020, in which he expressed his admiration for his song "Peace of Mind."

It is now too late to respond, he stated, adding that he didn't read the message till Mohbad's passing.

Didi Ekanem called him out for being able to ignore Mohbad's direct messages but not Selena Gomez's, an American singer and actress.

She congratulated him, saying sarcastically that he did well.

'But you saw Selena's DM' - Didi Ekanem drags Rema over tribute to Mohbad


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