Access Free Power Without Refueling Your Generator With Pricey Petrol

The cost of drawing electricity from fuel generators for daily use in Nigeria has skyrocketed as Nigeria's state oil firm NNPC Ltd recently hiked petrol prices to as high as 557 Naira per liter from 189 Naira, up about 200%.

Due to a weak grid power supply, 40% of Nigerian households use generators and spend $14bn on fuel, according to a report. While the recent spike in fuels increases household energy expenditure or sometimes puts them into darkness again.

Luckily, there is a way out with the help of BLUETTI, a leading brand in the energy storage industry. It provides solar generators, an easy and sustainable power solution, to get electricity for free.

Access Free Power Without Refueling Your Generator With Pricey Petrol

What is a solar generator?

Solar generators harness the power of the Sun to generate electricity. They usually consist of an inverter, battery, and photovoltaic panels(PV) that convert sunlight into usable energy, which is then stored in a battery for later use.

The difference between solar and fuel generators

As we all use and know, fuel generators convert the chemical energy of gasoline into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. Let's compare the two in terms of the following aspects and find out which type is better.


Solar generators are generally considered safer since they don't require flammable fuels, eliminating risks such as fuel leaks or harmful emissions. However, improper charging can still lead to explosions.

Fuel generators, on the other hand, run on fuel and carry certain safety risks. Additionally, they emit exhaust fumes and can not be placed indoors.

User Experience:

Solar generators operate quietly and are plug-and-play. They require minimal maintenance. Additionally, they are more portable in various sizes.

Fuel generators can be noisy and have a complex system that requires regular refueling and maintenance. Though they have steel frames or wheels for toughness and mobility, it's still risky and clumsy to move around.


Solar generators have higher upfront costs due to their advanced solar and battery systems. However, once installed, they utilize free solar energy and have fewer long-term operational costs.

Fuel generators have lower initial costs but require ongoing expenses for fuel, which can become expensive over time.


Solar generators are environmentally friendly and sustainable as they harness renewable energy from the Sun. They do not produce greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuel generators rely on fossil fuels, which are non-renewable and contribute to pollution and climate change.

Access Free Power Without Refueling Your Generator With Pricey Petrol

How to choose the right solar generator?

Solar generators are clear winners over their fuel counterparts. But how do you choose the right one for you? Consider the following models in these two common scenarios.

Scenario one: Home backup power for power outages

Suppose you have a large family with high electricity consumption, you want a reliable power supply to be prepared during power outages. In this case, a solar generator is an ideal choice because it's quiet, emission-free, and sustainable. Take the AC300 and EP500Pro models from BLUETTI. In addition to 3,000W output and responsive UPS function, they feature an impressive 2,400W solar charge from two different solar panel arrays. This means you can make the most of abundant solar energy and power your home for free at all times.

Access Free Power Without Refueling Your Generator With Pricey Petrol

The modular AC300 has expandable capacity by adding B300 battery packs. This enables you to customize your backup battery system from 3,072Wh to 12,288Wh, enough power to get you through a multi-day blackout. The 5,100Wh EP500Pro is an all-in-one generator with four smooth-running wheels for mobility. You can move it around to power essential home appliances such as the refrigerator, heater, and some lights.

Access Free Power Without Refueling Your Generator With Pricey Petrol

Scenario two: Mobile power for emergency backup and outdoor activity

If you need reliable, portable emergency backup power, the BLUETTI AC200MAX is an excellent choice. It can power most household appliances, RV equipment, and power tools with its 2,200W output. For even more capacity, add a B230 expansion battery to boost the AC200MAX from 2,048Wh to a max 6,144Wh. Its compact design and efficient 900W solar input make it easy to transport in your car trunk while providing unlimited power for any situation.

Access Free Power Without Refueling Your Generator With Pricey Petrol

As you seek fresh air, and quiet during your outdoor outings, a compact solar generator like the BLUETTI EB70 is a must-have to keep all your essentials charged, like phones, drones, speakers, and mini-fridges. When you run out of battery on the go, you can use portable solar panels, like the BLUETTI PV200, to get a 200W solar charge from the sunlight. Don't forget to bring this powerful duo on your next trip so that you can enjoy nature's beauty with all the comforts of home!

Access Free Power Without Refueling Your Generator With Pricey Petrol

Save on big now and then

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