Married Uber driver who was filmed having s*x with a prostitute in the back of his cab tells court his wife has agreed to pay his £197 fine

Married Uber driver who was filmed having s*x with a prostitute in the back of his cab tells court his wife has agreed to pay his £197 fine

A married Uber driver who was filmed having sex with a prostitute in the back of his cab has said it will be his wife who will pay his fine.

Mohammed Jamal, 37, was arrested and charged with soliciting sex after a neighbour saw his vehicle 'bouncing up and down' and filmed him in the back seat with a prostitute at 2am in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, on April 9 this year. Jamal has since lost his job as a private driver.

Speaking at the Tameside Magistrates' Court today, he said his wife would 'pay any fine' after he was charged £197 in court penalties at, including £80 with £80 in costs and the £32 victim surcharge.

Representing himself, Jamal said: 'I lost my job as a private hire driver and have not worked for the last two months. I signed on with universal credit on May 25. My partner will pay any fine.'

When asked if he had anything else to say, Jamal declined. He has no previous cautions or convictions.

The resident who filmed him said: 'Yo, what you're doing? Brother, what are you doing? In the month of Ramadan and you're doing stuff like this? What the f*** are you doing? This is disgusting. What are you doing? I've got kids inside here.'

Jamal was then seen driving away while saying: 'I'm sorry. I said I'm sorry. Bro, I'm sorry,' as the unnamed woman hid her face in the back of the car.

Gareth Hughes, prosecuting, said: 'The witness who contacted the police was alerted by the sound of a dog barking outside in the street.

'The car's movements were described as bouncing up and down and he believed the people inside were having sex.

'He believed there was a prostitute involved as they were known to hang out in the local area.'

'He went outside and approached the defendant and the other female while recording on his phone.

'He sent the video of the pair to the police who later interviewed both parties. The defendant denied his involvement in interview but has since changed his plea today.

'They also spoke with the female who confirmed that she slept with the defendant and that she had been picked up by him.'

Uber banned the driver following the release of the video. A spokesman said: 'We are horrified by what is depicted in the video and are taking action. We have banned the driver while we investigate and are working directly with the police.'

Labour MP for Rochdale, Tony Lloyd said at the time: 'This is a really worrying video and a rapid investigation is necessary.

'The protection of young people is paramount and this video needs to be investigated to give the public reassurance and to protect vulnerable young people'.


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