How to pull any man like Lori Harvey

Say what you want about Lori Harvey, but sis is living her best life.

How to pull any man like Lori Harvey

Lori's background plays a major role in her romantic relationships.

She's the stepdaughter of comedian Steve Harvey and his second wife, Marjorie Harvey. Her stepfather wrote the famous book, 'Act like a Lady, Think like a Man' and her mother married and divorced two drug Kingpins who all got convicted and sentenced, and she was never linked to their drug crimes. She's a boss in her own right.

How to pull any man like Lori Harvey

When Lori was just 20 years old, she was engaged to Footballer, Memphis Depay and though we are not privy to their relationship we know that Lori broke off the engagement and has since dated a long string of A-list men including Future and Michael B Jordan. In these relationships, Lori was the one who called them off.

Now she's with the most-wanted, British Nigerian actor, Damson Idris. No doubt, she's more famous for being in high profiled relationships than anything and though many people accuse her of being slutty, she's unfazed.

Here are some things we've gleaned from Lori;

Don't make marriage a goal

It's possible Lori has a fear of committing, or maybe she doesn't want to get married yet. When you are not focused on getting married at all costs, you can free yourself from a relationship that's toxic or unfulfilling.

Never settle

If the relationship doesn't serve you, leave it, no matter how rich or handsome he is.

Prioritize your appearance

Always always look classy and beautiful. Don't look shabby and unkempt. Always slay.

Never make a man feel like he's doing you a favour by being with you

Have such a high sense of worth that you know you are bringing so much goodness to his life and not the other way around. As her father famously said, 'Never let a man tell you he doesn't want to be with you twice.' Plus, asking twice is too close to begging.

Thrive in your business and career.

Even though a man wants to pamper you, he respect you more when you are thriving in your career. Begging for money is not a good look.


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