3 ways to get rid of vaginal odour

Here's how to make sure your vagina doesn't smell bad.

3 ways to get rid of vaginal odour

If you notice that your vagina is giving off a bad odour, it's usually because the PH level is off the charts - basically, it is unbalanced.

Many reasons can cause your PH level to be imbalanced, chief among them are tight clothing, dirty underwear, underwear that isn't cotton, drugs, hormonal imbalance, sweating, and sex.

How can you change the culture of your vagina?

1. Probiotic

This helps to maintain the normal bacterial level in the body and the vagina. Probiotics are drugs you can get at the pharmacy without a prescription. Yoghurt is also a good probiotic.

3 ways to get rid of vaginal odour

Yoghurt is a good probiotic

2. Apple cider vinegar

3 ways to get rid of vaginal odour

Apple cider vinegar increases the acidic levels in your vagina

Take apple cider vinegar with water. This changes the PH level of the vagina and makes it more acidic. The more acidic it is, the less it stinks.

3. Boric acid suppositories

3 ways to get rid of vaginal odour

These capsules are inserted into the vagina [Park compounding pharmacy]

These are little pills that go inside the vagina, they will also return the vagina to the normal PH level and thus improve the smell.

All of these can easily be gotten over the counter at a pharmacy.


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