Preparing To Meet Your Partner's Parents

Preparing To Meet Your Partner's Parents

You know it's a whole new ball game when they're asking you to meet their parents. No need to fret though! Your relationship with your partner's parents will at best mirror the preexisting parent-child relationship. So don't force it, but don't give up too easily.

These pointers may help you make a great first impression.

Ask some questions

You don't want to look like a total dolt at the dinner. You ought to do some background research. Nothing too deep, you may just want to know when last they were in the city, what they like to do in their spare time, etc.

You should already have an idea of what your partner's parents are like. If you don't it could be because they have a bad relationship, or you've just not reached that milestone with your person yet. If it's the latter, it's not time to meet them yet.

Be a great listener

What parent doesn't love to brag? One way to make a parent feel great without patronizing them is by hanging on to every word they say and asking for more details.

Don't go empty-handed

Gifts and great impressions go hand-in-hand. You should take some time to think of a perfect gift. For example, you wouldn't gift them a wall clock because they probably have one already, unless they just moved into a new place.

Wine and cake are great options, but you may want a longer-lasting gift. You can get a souvenir from one of your trips. When in doubt, go for a health device or supplement.

Remember to breathe

If you're tense, it'll show and make you clumsy and uncool. Let your partner set the mood and hold your hand if necessary.

Don't forget to slip in some 'us' plans

Parents love a forward thinker. Letting them know you have a future planned out can be reassuring.


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