"I have juvenile diabetes" - Monalisa Stephen tells scoffers

'I have juvenile diabetes' - Monalisa Stephen tells scoffers

Popular Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen has shared an emotional video on her Instagram page to correct the impression of people who find joy in body-shaming her.

Internet trolls have continuosly get at the plus-sized actress, telling her to go to the gym.

'I have juvenile diabetes' - Monalisa Stephen tells scoffers

Clearing the air about herself, actress Monalisa revealed that she is struggling with juvenile diabetes, and that she spends 23 hours a day taking care of her health.

Reacting, one of fans said: "Thank God you're putting up a smile that's where your inner strength lies... be happy 😊 always despite all odds."

@Jenne Datrne wrote: "People mock a lot. You don't know what everyone is passing through respectively. God will help you Monalisa."

@Sexylambo_burna: "My queen u re perfect I always come here to admire u strength and courage regardless of steady insult and troll u still choose to be strong."


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