What makes a kiss bad or really good?

Kissing is an art, and many people skip kissing class.

What makes a kiss bad or really good?

Here's how to do it right to impress your partner [Shuttershock]

Kissing creates a deeper connection, intimacy and makes a couple's sex life healthier.

It is so important that people decide whether or not they want to be in a relationship based on how good or bad the first kiss is.

Can you think of a really good kiss you had and what made it so good?

Well, we are certain all of the things listed below were present.

If you both want it

Desire is the beginning of every great kiss. If one party isn't sure about kissing or is distracted, then you might as well be kissing the back of your hand.

Enough sexual tension between the two of you makes the chances of having a great kiss quite high.

If your lips touch and linger

Many people think kissing is about swallowing another person's mouth.

The basic concept of kissing is to let the lips touch for at least six seconds. By allowing your lips to linger on theirs, you can connect deeper and get in tune with their body.

If you introduce tongue slowly

What makes a kiss bad or really good?

Kissing is deeply sensual

Tongue kissing or French kissing is not the only way to kiss, yet many people think it is.

The tongue should be the culmination of a kiss, if you start darting your tongue up and down someone's mouth too soon it can be very unnerving, and they might not know how to respond to it.

After a few minutes of kissing, you can introduce your tongue slowly and gauge their response to it.

When the tongue is introduced at the right time, and the feedback is good, then making out session is about to blow your mind.

If you know what to do with your hands

Your hands should not be hanging awkwardly. Your hand movement makes the whole kissing experience pleasurable.

A good position is holding her waist while her arms are around your neck. Another way is to glide your hands all over her body, play with the boobs, and grab the buttocks.

You can also cup his or her face. Hold their face in your hands, and look at them deeply in the eyes before you start kissing.

If you don't pour saliva on their lips

People who like to swallow people's lips are the regular culprits.

Kissing should leave your mouth with minimal saliva except you have a saliva kink. Some people actually want people to spit into their mouths.

If you don't have a saliva kink, then kiss their lips and don't pour saliva on them.

When kissing, lip sucking can come into play but transition into it slowly and sensually not like the lips are spaghetti you are slurping.

If your breath is fresh

You want to exchange bacteria by kissing, but you didn't use a breath fresher, mint or most importantly, brush your teeth, that's evil.

Bad breath can stand in the way of a really good kiss.

At the end of the day, kissing like every other sexual activity requires communication.

Even if you don't get the first kiss right, talking about what you like or don't like and what your partner wants is paramount.


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