All The Reasons Why You Should Be Dating Your Coworker

All The Reasons Why You Should Be Dating Your Coworker

We've heard it since the Baby Boomers to the Generation X and even now as Millennials that dating your coworker can be messy and eventually lead to you losing your job. Or leave it, whichever happens, to come first. It doesn't help either that pop culture has succeeded in portraying workplace relationships as mostly being steamy love affairs between a married boss and a young, attractive secretary.

Despite this, love will bloom wherever it decides to bloom but then you're left to wonder if it's really a good idea. Well, I'm here to tell you yup, go for it and I have reasons to support it too.

This does not mean you have to date your coworker and yes there are people working in completely different organizations and flourishing. Don't let one article stop you from finding the love of your life.

1. Happy workers are the best workers

You turn up with that glow which only being in love can give you and everything is at peace with the world. Never mind that you have a looming deadline, your boss has reprimanded you thrice for a job you can swear he approved of and your laptop won't start up.

For many, knowing that your partner is your coworker and close enough to run to at any moment is enough to get through a hard day. Really, wouldn't we all love our jobs if we could catch glimpses of rather hot looking partners?

2. Much more loyalty towards the organization

This might seem a little less obvious but here's why it's important. An employee will more likely feel comfortable dedicating their time, skills and attention to a job when they know that their partner works there also. It's much easier to be loyal to an organization too that encourages workplace relationships.

It doesn't hurt either if you both happened to meet each other there. Ah! The perfect modern day romance laced with the struggle for survival.

3. More focus and fewer distractions

Most companies do worry about the fact that having employees who are romantically involved with each other will somehow distract them from their duties and responsibilities. It's a legitimate fear but one that can equally work out positively. In the actual sense, when an employee has the emotional support of a partner who shares the same working environment it could lead to increased productivity.

I mean you can't expect that we'll spend 20 minutes on a phone call to someone in an office above mine when we've just had lunch together.

4. Your partner can give you career advice

Dating someone who is familiar with your office means they can provide you with a lot of assistance with your job and in the long run your career too. Getting job advice from your partner is much easier when they understand the dynamics of the industry you're in and the organization you work at.

This can pretty much cement your couple legacy as some Professional Power Couple. Or something less cheesy than that.

5. Working late doesn't seem so bad

Whether it's a deadline that has you putting in extra hours or it's a pitch you need to work on, it's a lot more convenient when your partner is also your coworker. Aside from them completely understanding with a lot less explaining you might even both be lucky enough to work extra hours together.

Trust me, it's so much more fun editing an Excel sheet when you're sitting across from your partner and working together. It might not be spending quality time together but it counts for something.

6. It makes them way more helpful

They can nip in and save your almost unemployed ass when you get a huge last-minute assignment. While other partners would have to opt for giving generic and cliche advice like, "You'll be fine." or "You've got this." your partner can actually give useful advice. Like "You should use Google analytics" or "Go for this angle to tell the story".

Like I said before, the perfect Professional Power Couple goals.


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