So Sad: Hospital Detain Couple and Triplets Over Unpaid Bill (Photo)

So Sad: Hospital Detain Couple and Triplets Over Unpaid Bill (Photo)

The joy of Waklek Gotus, whose wife, Gotus was delivered of a set of triplets have been turned into relative sadness, The Nation reports.

Reason? The couple and their babies are currently being detained at a State General Hospital, Pankshin, Jos, Plateau State, over their inability to pay the hospital bill for the delivery of the babies.

Medical personnel of the Pankshin General hospital, in Pankshin local government of Plateau state were said to have assisted the mother of the triplets to deliver the babies through Caesarian.

One of the hospital staff anonymously said: "The woman was rushed to the hospital after a prolonged labour at home, it is obvious that the woman and the husband were too poor to seek medical assistance and so preferred to deliver at home.

"But when it was obvious the woman had not energy to deliver the babies on her medical doctor saw the critical condition of the woman and had no option that to deliver the babies through caesarean which was successful. If not for the caesarean this woman would have died. However, the unpaid bill become a burden on the couple as the hospital authorities would not let them go unless they offset the bill totalling N165,000."

The family were discharged from the hospital a week after the delivery, but have remained in the hospital for another three weeks for lack of funds. The breakdown of the bill shows, the caesarean surgery costs N75,000 and other charges put at N90,000, bringing the total to N165,000.

The couple pleaded with the authorities of Pankshin Local Government for help, but got nothing, hence, the need to call on the general public for help as their bill might continue to increase daily at the hospital.


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