Businessman Deceives B*sty Lady After Having S*x with Her for a Job (Photos)

Businessman Deceives B*sty Lady After Having S*x with Her for a Job (Photos)

A local businessman might have found himself in trouble after a woman exposed him for deceiving her. The man allegedly promised to give her money to start her own business in exchange for sexual favours only to opt out after having s*x with her.

H-metro reported that Noah Manyika is reported to have threatened the woman identified as Junior Takuranarwo with arrest saying he is connected to high profile people as he sweet-talked her to have unprotected s*x with him at a house under construction in Eastlea area of Zimbabwe last week.

"Noah approached me two weeks ago and we became friends promising to give me money to start my own business since I am working under someone," said Junior.

"He never showed that he was after falling in love with me and he took me out for drinks and discuss business issues.

"Regera hove dzibatwe nechirauro, Noah looked a gentleman who wanted to help me yet he was after abusing me and to be honest I had to look for a traditional healer for treatment after he forced me to have unprotected s*x.

"Noah threatened to get me arrested saying he is connected to big people if I reported the case and later promised to pay for medication after I told him about what I had experienced after having s*x with him.

"He is cruel and I regret meeting him that it is affecting me daily," said the 24 year-old Junior.

Businessman Deceives B*sty Lady After Having S*x with Her for a Job (Photos)

Contacted for comment, Noah promised to give his side of the story after meeting Junior for discussions saying he was busy.

"I want to believe this woman is one of our WhatsApp group members, let me talk to her first before I give my comment," said Noah.

Noah later called confirming his affair with Junior saying he decided to end their relationship after learning that she is married.

"I met this Junior at Jongwe Corner and I strongly suspect she is one of the ladies of the night," said Noah.

"I had 'kodak moments' with her and other ladies but I learnt from one of her friends that she is married and I decided to drop her.

"She kept pestering to meet me but I am no longer interested," he said.


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