6 Reasons Why Slow S3x Is Far Better Than Fast S3x

6 Reasons Why Slow S3x Is Far Better Than Fast S3x

Now that we've touched on how to have sweet slow sex with do's and don'ts lets talk about the benefits and why you should engage it more. Also if all your sexcapades have been fast sex and you've never tried slow se x before then you're missing.

  1. IT ADDS SPICE TO YOUR S3X LIFE: Variety as they say is the spice of life. As mentioned if all your se x involves quick paced styles then trying slow se x would change the whole dynamics of how you perceive se x and how you enjoy it.

  2. EVERYONE IS ALWAYS SATISFIED: Fast paced se x is awesome and fun but most time's one person is the only one that reaches orgasm while the other is left hanging. That's why I always encourage foreplay before the main action.

  3. ITS FAR MORE INTENSE: trust me on this, you'd start to feel things you've never felt before and if you're a guy who takes time before he cams and wants to feel it a 100% try it. You know when Nigerians use the phrase 'burst my brain', well I'm guaranteeing you that doing it slow would burst your brain and when you climax it would be amazing.

  4. THE MAN WILL LAST LONGER: well this part is tricky, because slow paced se x makes you feel more so you might actually come faster then usual BUT if she'd the one riding you and she's doing it slpw it's a win win because you'd fee more sensations and you'd definitely last longer.

  5. ITS FAR MORE SENSUAL THAN FAST PACED S3X: I think I've explained that at least twice in this article, we don't Ned to talk about it again.

  6. HIGHER CHANCE OF ORGASM FOR THE GIRLS: let's call a spade a spade, slow paced sex favors the lady far more than the guy and it even favors her more if she's the one in control. For example if she's giving him cowgirl style (which happens to be one of my personal favs.. *wink wink*) there are less chances of the guy cuming quick(because that position delays ejaculation for Most guys) and if he doesn't cu, quick that gives her more time to buildup and reach her own orgasm.


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